Welcome to Delicious Randomness!


Here’s some soda. You must be tired:)

Delicious Randomness, you will find:

There is absolutely NO limit to what you can find here! And of course, if you have any suggestions you can always contact me! 🙂

About me, well you can view information about me, here. If that’s not enough, email me at smiley257@outlook.com and we can have a conversation JUST about me. Hehe…

Basically, I am a crazy girl who has created this blog in hopes of making many friends. 😀

This blog is MAINLY contains:

  • A Bowlful Of Creativity
  • A Cup Full Of Jokes
  • A Sprinkle Of  Tips N Tricks
  • A Handful Of Art And DIY Ideas
  • A Pinch Of Fashion

That doesn’t sound right, right? Well I do have a secret ingredient. Wondering what it is?

Well, good luck finding out!

Want to chat? Then visit my XAT Chat Box, located at the sidebar. 🙂

If you really love my blog then help me by:

  • Commenting
  • Rebloging
  • Liking
  • Advertising me
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Email – smiley257@outlook.com

Deviantart– Khushi25

Wattpad: Khushi257

(If you like this blog then you will LOVE this blog:






29 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. iloverainbowsyesidoitstrue says:

    What is she talking about? And why did you say ‘Shut up, liar’, Mango025, it’s rude. whats going on

    • Mango025 says:

      First of all, I’m tired of people saying that I was being rude. Especially since you do not know the real story. And I never said “Shut up, liar” to anyone except that copier and hater. So once again, please do not say I was being rude when I was sick and tired of her (the copier/hater’s) rude/mean/hateful comments. I think what I did was completely right. If you disagree then I’m sorry to hear that. And for the full story you can check out my previous post “Copier/Hater”.

  2. ѕнα∂σω ѕραякℓє says:

    *Shrugs* I’m not sure if would like to or not. If I do, I can’t choose which one. Not to brag, but I’m good at all of them, lol. I’m so narcissistic. I’m kidding. I don’t know, really, I like all of them 🙂 What do you say, Khushi?

  3. ღfree2rymღ says:

    Hey! It’s free2rym, and I got your “blog critique” request. I think your blog is amazing just that the background is a little too much. I would suggest less pictures in the background and a more of a pattern thats simple. That’s it. It’s great, overall. You dont have to approve this comment unless you wish.


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