Grumpy Cat+Disney (Part 2)

Hola amigos! 

So I think that y’all really liked the first part of Grumpy Cat+Disney, so here I am again making another one. Again, no pictures belong to me and I hold no credit for them. 

The Lady and the Tramp (something like that):

That be my food. Your food? No. My food? Yes. Our food? No




 Ain’t nobody got time for romance 

Snow White:


No comment, I’m too busy peeing my pants from laughter. xD

 Lilo and Stitch:

Just look at Cat’s face then at Stitch’s..

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8 thoughts on “Grumpy Cat+Disney (Part 2)

  1. che-rrry says:

    You shouldn’t repost other’s artworks without their consent or permissioon. It’s considered very rude, and technically also stealing.
    There are clearly visible copyrights on all of the works, and if you had bothered to look, you would have seen that the artwork belongs to tsaoshin on DevianArt.

    • Mango025 says:

      I understand what you’re saying and you are right indeed: I didn’t bother to check for copyrights on the images. But I also metioned in this post and the previous one, that I do not own any of the images. In my viewpoint, I don’t think I “stole” anything, I just was ignorant as I didn’t bother to check for any copyrights. I apologize if I offended you in any way.

      • che-rrry says:

        I’m glad you understand, but it is still stealing — its like stealing the Mona Lisa from a museum and just saying that you didn’t make it.
        You didn’t get permission from the owner to repost, which is why its considered stealing.
        Its alright!! Im not really offended.

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