Update on Life+Weird Dream

Hi Guys!

How’s everything going? I swear, this isn’t a rhetorical question, comment below and let me know what’s new with your life.

So I’m busy in life, but that’s not new. This was my week off, and I had fun. I went back to volunteering at the Senior Home.

(I’m also having fun currently, because I’m using my brother’s two screen computer. On one screen, I’m typing and the other screen I’m watching my favorite T.V show)

I wrote lots of posts on my other blog. I posted 2 and I have lots of drafts, so I’m thinking to make my posting schedule over there, every Wednesday. And maybe, every Friday here? I’m not sure, Wednesdays and Fridays are usually the only weekdays I have free.

So last night I couldn’t sleep. I read a book (The Fill-In Boyfriend) until 12 am. Then I tried sleeping until 1. Then I got up again and read until 2 am. I got back into bed, and tried going back to sleep. And of course, I scrolled on Instagram under my blanket. And I swear, as soon as I removed my blanket I heard my mom running on the treadmill. And the time was 6:12 am! WHAT?

Even weirder, the night before last night, I had the weirdest dream:

I was eating my lunch in the gym. And it seemed like the whole school was there, and there was tables set up. It was either something like our Science Fair last week, or Probability Carnival, also last week.  Anyways, I took a box of rice out made by my mom, and I think it had some lentils in it. So I was eating it, and some girls asked if they could eat too. (Girls I’ve only seen around the school.) So I gave it to them, and they started eating. Then another girl came behind her, and one of the girls gave the box to that girl. The girl tried it, and made a face and said it was gross. All the girls laughed, including some of my friends who were sitting beside them. And then the girl dropped the food, and left outside of the gym. And I felt myself getting mad (and actually gritting my teeth) and my friends laughing at me. So I dropped my stuff and went out. For some reason, I saw myself going back into the gym and looking for my lunch kit. My basketball coaches were sitting in front of me, and told me to calm down but I was really mad. Then I saw myself the next day in a big hall, with tables set up. My old principal (from elementary) tried to stop me, but I pushed past him, and chased after the girl who insulted my food. I pushed past another girl who was trying to stop me, and I jumped on tables as I ran and ran to the door. Everybody started chasing me, and it felt good? SERIOUSLY, I liked the feeling of everyone chasing behind me and trying to make me stop. Anyway, I opened the door, and pushed another guy out and I woke up.

I don’t even know what this dream means, but I woke up feeling happy lol. Anyways I just wanted to blog, so thanks for listening anddd yeah.. I love you!




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