Air India Anyone? + annoyed

It’s time to go to India again!

Hey guys!

SO yeah, going to India again! I’m actually leaving next Wednesday, and I needed some help from y’all!

Usually we use West Jet and Qatar Airways, but this time we are using Air India the whole trip there and back. Both my mom and I have never flown using Air India before, so I was wondering if I could have your guy’s opinion. If you have flown before using Air India, if you could help me by telling me what your experience was that would be great! My favorite airline is Qatar Airways, what about you?

Anyway quick rant, I literally bit my head off in class today.

We were marking our own math tests and the girl in front of me asked if she could borrow a pen to mark with and I said yes. She took a pen out of my binder and let me just include that it was BRAND NEW.

Basically, my desk was placed on an angle so I could see her desk, so yes her desk wasn’t directly in front of me. We started marking and that’s when I literally bit her head and mine off.

I saw her drawing on her test with my pen!! And by drawing I mean I saw her draw a dog and color it in. With a pen. My pen. Then she started tracing the hole punch marks and she started scribbling on her page WITH MY PEN.

And wait, let me tell you what actually ticked me off. She turned around and said, “Hey your pen is out of ink.”


So yeah there goes a brand new pen, and it was honestly good quality, I use the same brand all the time and they usually last around 6-8 months. But you can not imagine the amount of frustration I had while watching her scribble, like o-m-g.

There’s my rant lol, see y’all later!


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