About Me (UPDATED)

Hey there!

So wondering who I am? I am:


Lol, just joking!

My name is Khushi, and I am a IBC (Indian Born Canada) living in the beautiful country of Canada! I’m 10 years old and my birthday is on:


No lie!

I own 3 blogs and work on the Blogger Program. 😀

Here are some things that I think. These pictures show what/how I think:

DUH! Before you bully on my blog please visit this page for more information.

It WILL! After every night is a day. 🙂 Some nights are longer, and some days are longer. Just matters!

My second motto. 🙂



32 thoughts on “About Me (UPDATED)

  1. ❀♥αωєѕσмєαмαzιηg1♥❀ says:

    Review: I love your blog, you post a lot and you have lots of pages! I think you should make the header a bit smaller and maybe have more pics, and also the pages are shown twice, once above the header and once below. I think it would be better if it would only be showed one time. And maybe use a few more colors in your posts? Other than that, you have a terrific blog! ❤ 😉

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