Have I ever been bullied?

Yes! In fact quite recently..

There’s this really popular girl in my class. Let’s just call her M.

Me and M sit next to each other. Our teacher arranges our desks and if I had a choice I would NEVER sit beside M. She’s that type of girl who gets away with anything. And that really annoys me.

She would always ALWAYS ALWAYS put her foot on my chair. And pull my hair. But when I accused her of doing that she would deny it and blame someone else.

M would also cheat off my math worksheets. I would have to keep on hiding my work so she couldn’t see..

I don’t know if this is necessarily bullying. But it did hurt my feelings..

Why I didn’t tell the teacher?

Well I did tell the teacher once but she didn’t do anything.. Since M is very popular and everybody likes her she never gets blamed for anything.

Why Are Bullies, Bullies? 

Why? That’s a hard question and the answer is never the same. Unless you know the bullies real good, you basically can never know..

Reason #1: Usually it’s because they don’t have a good home environment. Meaning- some people don’t get that much attention at home. Maybe their parents don’t really spend time with them. I know that when I get lonely because my parents are spending time with my brother, I get really cranky. Imagine if you had 3 older brothers. They weren’t exactly nice to you. Your parents gave them all their attention and barely anything to you. How would you feel?

Reason #2: Sometimes bullies have already been bullied. Maybe when they were little they got bullied. Maybe they had no one to tell. Imagine that you were a little kid and you got bullied by some older kids. No matter how someone bullies you it still hurts. No matter how old that bully is it still hurts.

Reason #3: This is very rare (or at least in my opinion) sometimes there parents never taught them better. Their parents swear and fight and well. Yeah..

Reason #4: Sometimes they don’t have friends. And they take it out on other people. They don’t know how to act or how to make friends…

That’s just MY opinion. What’s yours? Comment down below and let me know! 

17 thoughts on “Bullies

  1. keybladehunter says:

    I have a enemy and bully, her name is Melanie. She called me ugly. And she’s really annoying. I used to sit next to her, but since she’s a really bad student, she sat in a place that we like to call ‘the island’.

    • Mango025 says:

      Yeah we have this bully in our grade, her name is Madison. She swears like every single second it is so annoying… She punched a little kid and made the poor guy cry and get a bloody nose. Now she’s not allowed to go outside at recess time. She threatened to beat me up to lol I just told her to go eat a brick. She kicked me in my stomach and luckily the teacher was watching so yea…

      • keybladehunter says:

        Wha-? She kicked you in the stomach?! If you didn’t react at that time, I’ll react for you. ‘OW!!!!!!!!’

      • Mango025 says:

        Lol it didn’t hurt too much. My older brother has kicked me in my stomach a few times and I know how to avoid them so it hits you in a place that doesn’t hurt lol, if that makes sense. xD

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