© My Bucket List ©

  1.  Go To Disney World
  2.  Go To A Concert
  3. Go Camping In B.C
  4.  Go Zipling And Not Die
  5.  Go To Paris
  6. Go To The Taj Mahal
  7. Ride An Elephant In India
  8.  Ride A Camel In India
  9. Make My Own Nail Polish
  10. Publish A Book
  11.  Become A Famous Writer
  12. Act In An Indian Movie
  13. Meet ShahRukh Khan
  14. Go Camping 

9 thoughts on “© My Bucket List ©

    • Mango025 says:

      Yea lol it was in India when we went there 2 years ago. We were in a famous Rock Garden and there was a camel there and basically it was like a horseback ride except it was with a camel. LOL. It was fun but I was wearing a short skirt when I was going on and you can probably guess how that ended up..

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