Friendship Contest (CLOSED)

Friendship Contest:

Welcome to the Friendship Contest!! (This was the surprise I was talking about)

Basically, you send me your entry. You can only send in one per person. Then I will mark them. There will be a couple types of sections. Not understanding? Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

Types Of Entries You Can Send In:

1. Essay
2. Poems
3. Drawings

You can chose one of these ONLY. So there will be a winner up for the essay, poem, and drawings.

Rules For The Entries:

1. Essay
Write an essay about you and your best friend. Like, how you met and etc. Must be at least 3 sentences

2. Poems
I dunno. Write a poem about like your friend. What you like about her. Things you do together. Stuff. DOES NOT HAVE TO RHYME

3. Drawing
Draw your best friend and you together. Or something. It can be made on your computer or by hand.

My Marking Rubric:

1. Essay:
•Spelling: /5
•Makes Sense: /10

2. Poems:
•Spelling: /5
•Makes Sense: /10

3. Drawings:
•Neatness: /10
•Colorful: /5
•Creativity: /10

How To Enter:

1. Like This
2. Comment “Joining”
3. Send in your entry at before Aug 20 2014
4. Make the subject of the email “Friendship Contest Entry”
5. Sit tight until Sept 15th 2014

So yeah. Last day for entering is Sept 15 UTC 6. I’ll announce the winners the next day.


If Blogger:
•1 Header
•Like On 5 Pages
•Work On This Blog For 2 Days
•Advertised On This Blog For 20 Days

If Non-Blogger:
•Free Fantage Edit
•Friend You On Fantage

Okay so that’s all. I’m looking for more prizes so comment what ideas you have for prizes. 😀

If you have any questions or concerns then comment and blah blah blah.


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