Here You Can Order A Brand New Header Made By Me!


Blog: (Your Blog)

Font: (Handwriting, Bold, Arial, etc…)

Size: ( ___ by ___ )

Text: ( What Do You What It To Say? )

Text Size: ( Large, Small, etc. etc. )

Extra Details: (Anything Else?)

Extra Images: (If You Want Images Then Please Post A Link Or Email Me At smiley257@outlook.com )

Background: (Mountains, Clouds, Moustaches, etc. etc.)

To get a header you must be a follower. And I will check.. :/ So don’t try to fool me or even when you are a follower I won’t accept your order.

Another thing is, that I will write a ‘K’ on the finished banner. That simply means that I made it. 🙂 😀

Just comment your order form down below by copy and pasting.

If I accept the order I will simply reply ‘ACCEPTED’. When I am finished I will find your comment and reply ‘DONE’.

If you don’t like something about the header then reply within 3 days and I will fix it.

Note: If you would like me to email the header to you then please include that in the order form. If you don’t want that then look at the ‘Finished’ page. If I haven’t posted it there yet then please do not keep on asking me. Some may take a few days and some may take 15 minutes. 🙂

Remember, I am a human!





46 thoughts on “Headers

    • Mango025 says:

      😆 I usually use Pizap and PicMonkey but for editing I always use MS Paint.. Sometimes I use GIMP but that’s really rare since I find it a bit difficult.

  1. fantagevilleowner says:

    Blog: FantageVillieBlog
    Font: Surprise me

    Size: I don’t care, anything is fine with me.

    Text: FantageVillieBlog is Amazing I love it

    Text Size: Your choice
    Extra Details: I want the FV logo on it. The one next to my name ‘fantagevillieowner’

    Extra Images: Nah

  2. ღℓ͜͡Angie~chaℓ͜͡n♥ says:

    Hey I’m back lol I need another header… Or are you toooooo Busy? And I see you’ve added a background..lol Just too lazy to create one .

    Blog: http://youngotaku.wordpress.com/
    Font: Handwriting
    Size: …ummm same size as your background?
    Text: Welcome, To Young Otaku Blog Created by Angela
    Text Size: Medium
    Extra Details: Banner and a Victorian label
    Extra Images: Cute puppy and bunny
    Background: A peachy color

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