Happy Diwali!

 Happy Diwali to all my fellow desis’ or just the people celebrating in general. 

So my Diwali started at 8 am. We went to drop of my dad for his flight to USA which was at 2. 

But see, the airport was 2 hours away and we wanted to go to the Mandir before dad’s flight. And, he had to be at the airport at 12.

So we got there at 10:20, stayed there until 11:30, went to Subway and then the airport. 

At the Mandir something confused me. On the door of the Prayer Hall it said no use of cellphones allowed. But inside the Pandit (priest) was talking loudly on his cellphone as he gave the prasad to everyone. For like straight 5 minutes he kept talking. 

But whatever, we went to Subway and my dad got  Chicken Salad. 

After dropping him off we went to the mall, where I returned my shoes that my brother had rejected and got new ones in exchange. They’re gorgeous.

Then we just window shopped and bought some stuff at Dollar Store.

Of course, you can’t have Diwali without sweets and desserts. So we bought some fire sparklers to burn and a LOT of sweets. We went to a Diwali buffet which was delicious. 

 My mom bought some Samosas from a Samosa Factory for my brother’s multicultural fair. Like 60 mini samosas. 

So that’s all of my Diwali. It hasn’t ended yet, it’s 7 something. 

If you celebrate Diwali or celebrated then comment down below and tell me how it went. Try not to make me jealous please haha


I’m Not Gone

So apparently some people think I’m “gone”.

I’m not gone. I’m here, I just don’t post because of the time limit I have.

So some new things:

  • Volunteering at the Senior Home
  • Saw a professional hockey player twerk in front of me (long story, I’ll explain it in the comments if anyone cares)
  • I got an awesome school ID card YES PEOPLE ID CARD I HAS
  • Still don’t have a phone, ahem MOM, you know just a thought
  • Party tomorrow at this Inn and my mom is forcing me to wear my grad dress. I swear  I look fat in it but she won’t let me wear my skirt :/

Currently waiting for my friend to accept my FaceTime and watching Kim Possible because that’s what you do on a Friday night when your mom and brother are at an awards ceremony THAT MY BROTHER DID NOT WANT ME TO GO TO.


Sorry for the slacK but I gotta go to da bathroom and do mah stuff byeeeee

Only Child For A Week

So for the past 4ish days (Monday-Friday) I’ve been an only child.

No my brother is still alive, but he’s been gone since Monday morning because of a school trip.

It’s been weird. I mean I’ve been gone from my brother for a while but it’s never been me, my mom, and my dad, for 5 days.

I actually enjoy it but then there are some cons.

For example, I don’t get rides whenever I want. My brother being much older than me can drive, and that was nice.

The first day was weird because my brother wasn’t in his room, on his keyboard typing away. He didn’t walk to the kitchen every so often to grab a cookie. He wasn’t there to yell at me to turn off the T.V.

Did I miss him?

I don’t know if it was missing him or it was just weird. I still don’t think I miss him but going to his room and not seeing him on his chair…it’s really weird.

But I really do love being the only child. I got all the attention for once and I could turn up the music or television as loud as I wanted and I could do whatever I want home alone.


It’s been a long time and I love being home alone with my puppy.

So yeah this is my kinda rant/thoughts.

Are you an only child? Do you like it? Or do you have a sibling like me and don’t like it? Comment below and tell me because I would love to hear your opinion.



(p.s if my grammar is off- sorryyy)

Giveaway Results

So like a million years ago, I had a giveaway/raffle and I never posted the results, ’cause…I forgot my excuse lol sorry. Okay no, but jokes apart I just hope the people that one the raffle are still on WordPress because.. Yeah..

If you want to see the giveaway page, click here. I randomized the raffle 7 times and here are the first three results of each time I randomized page:


1 randomizer



2 randomizer


3 randomizer


4 randomizer


5 randomizer


6 randomizer



7 randomizer

So since I can’t give 2 and 3rd to MMS so here are the final results

1. MMS

2. MissPop149

3. Namine

Congrats guys! If you go back to the original post you can see the prizes you can choose from, but I’ll post the prizes here too:


First Place Chooses 5, Second Place Chooses 4, And 3rd place gets 3.

  • 1 Free Header
  • 1 Free Fantage Edit (Description needed)
  • Blog Advertisement On Sidebar For 1 Month (Blog URL needed)
  • ShoutOut In Post (Blog Url Needed)
  • Free Advertisement Banner (Description Needed)
  • Worker On This Blog For 3 Days (Email Needed)
  • Transformice Help
  • 30 Cheese On Your Transformice Account (Username and Password Needed)
  • Honest Blog Review (Blog URL Needed)
  • Blog Shoutout On Sidebar For 2 Weeks (Blog URL Needed)
  • Shoutout in Welcome Post For 2 Months


Congrats once again! Let me know what prizes you choose! And once again, I apologize for not posting this earlier, I don’t have much of a excuse… But apologies!

Ask Column – Problem #5

This was written a few weeks back but I forgot to post it .-.

Hey guys!

So as y’all now, I have an advice/ask column. I didn’t notice till today when I was reading the latest entry/feedback/thing that I had gotten 2 previous ones that I had not answered. Did that even make sense? Anyway I had 2 “Ask Column” questions from more than a year ago that I didn’t reply to. Now, I’m not sure if I should since they’re kinda old questions and I don’t  know if the person who has asked the question still needs advice or not and let’s get to this latest question asked yesterday because I’m not making any sense:

ac *click to enlarge*

koolkat032 said….

at school people always  make fun of me just because i cant pronounce the letter ” S ” properly . I try not to mind and stay strong but its really offensive and i cant take it anymore

Dear Koolkat032,

First of all, I’m proud of you for ignoring them so far. I had a guy in our class last year who had a speech problem too, but no one really bugged him about it. 

Maybe try telling your teachers? I know, you’re probably thinking “pfffft what stupid advice” but sometimes I look back and I’m like “Why the heck did I not tell the teacher about that?”. Others may call you a tattle tale (yeah I have been too) but it’s honestly not tattling if it’s bugging you that much. 

Also, it’s not like speech problems are rare, so I don’t know why your classmates think it’s so funny.

I know it’s hard to ignore teasing if it’s everyday but please please try to keep going! And think about it this way: “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”

Try telling your teachers or your parents, or even your principal. My teacher would not help me so I went to straight to my principal and told him, and things eventually got better. 

I hope this helped you and remember, the rainbow comes after the rain. 

Woah, that was cheesy as heck.. I wanted to insert comebacks but I wasn’t sure if that was appropriate.. 


Sunshine Award

The Sunshine AWARD:

Ahoy there! Thanks to Misspop149 for tagging me for the Sunshine award. Much love ❤

1. Do you prefer K-pop, J-pop, C-pop, or American pop the most? Why?

Probably American pop, because I don’t think I’ve listened to any of the other ones before. Maybe I should lol..

2. If you were famous, would you rather be famous for writing a best-selling book, acting in an oscar-winning movie or being in a famous pop group (any kind)? Why?

Writing a best-selling book, because a writer is one of my many dream jobs. But acting in an oscar-winning movie would be awesome too. This is a pretty hard question haha. Okay I’m just going to go with oscar-winning movie just because that’s pretty awesome..

3. Would you rather star in a Korean Drama series, or be in a famous k-pop group? Why?

Korean Drama series for sure. xD I don’t know, I think that’d be so cool. K-Pop group would be cool too but starring in any type of drama series; that’s just awesome.

4. Would you rather create an anime, or voice act in an anime? Why?

Voice acting, because I feel like the people behind the scenes don’t get enough credit they should. That’s just my opinion, maybe I’m wrong. Also, voice acting that’s pretty sweet.

5. Would you rather live where there was no pop other than american and there was no anime, but everything in life was perfect, or would you live in a world where all pop exists and there was anime, but everything in life was unperfect? Why?

Idk. It really matters what you mean by perfect. I think perfect is kinda boring, and anime is pretty awesome. Yeah, I would choose life where everything was un-perfect and there was anime and pop, because perfect would be nice but also boring.

Thanks Misspop149. Definitely check her blog out, it’s awesome.

Official Rules of the Sunshine Award

If you have been nominated for The Sunshine Award and you choose to accept it, write a blog post about the Sunshine award in which you:

  • Thank the person who nominated you. ✓
  • Answer the questions from the person who nominated you. ✓
  • Nominate a few other bloggers. ✓
  • Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you nominated. ✓
  • Notify the bloggers on their blog.
  • Put the award button on your blog.✓


Lol I think almost everyone has done this tag so I don’t know who to tag.. Uh but if you haven’t done the tag yet, then I tag YOU!

mY questions:

1. What is your favorite anime movie/show? If you don’t watch any anime, what is your favorite childhood cartoon?

2.  If you could change one thing about WordPress, what would it be?

3. What type of music do you listen to the most?

4. If you could change just one thing about this world forever, what would it be, and why?

5. What is your biggest pet peeve about people?