People At The Mall

All Of These Pages Are Just For Fun. Please Do Not Take It Seriously. These Are Supposed To Be Funny, Not Offensive. 

1. “Cool” Cats

These people are USUALLY teenagers. Who am I kidding, they’re always teenagers.

They NEVER do anything at the mall, except for sitting/standing and talking with their friends.

In their opinion this is “cool”.

2. Leeches

(Why am I doing this animal theme thing??)

These “leeches” are people selling stuff. The reason why I call ’em leeches is because they STICK to you.

Them: Hi there! Would you spend your valuable time to just check out this new and affective cream product?

Me: Uhhh

Them: GREAT! Just come this way! This cream product is most affective and softens your skin and has a TERRIFIC fragrance.

Me: Uh Ma’am? I uh need to go now

Them: BUT that’s not all!

Me: Grrr

Them: For all of our customers this product is ONLY 5.99 but for you, we’ll throw in an extra for only 6.99!

Me: No thanks *starts to turn away*

Them: And only for an extra 50 cents we will show a special tutorial right here, right now!

Me: No thank you *runs away*

3. Bored And Boring Sales Associates

These people are those associates who don’t give a heck about you or your shopping.. They don’t care if you need a new dress for your first date or prom.

Me: Hi there! I was just wondering if you had this dress in other colors?

Them: Naw

Me: Oh.. Um any in the back?

Them: I don’t think so

Me: Oh okay.. What about sizes?

Them: Naw

Like SERIOUSLY? Here I am stressing for what to wear on what to wear for my first day of Grade 6 and your acting like a stubborn pig? GRR indeed!

More Coming Soon..


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