© TBH ©

To Be Honest = TBH!!

Just comment if you would like a tbh. What to say? Just say “I want a tbh pls” or something like that. Don’t say “auohfsafjhfks” and then expect me to realize that you mean you want a tbh.

I’ll write the tbh’s here:

  • MissPop149: I haven’t known you for that long so I can’t say much! But you have been a really active viewer and I really appreciate that. 🙂 You are really funny and super chill! Why do I keep saying really? I dunno. Anyway thank you so much for all your comments and likes! You are really  an amazing person and thank you for being mah friend! ❤
  • Fantage Sandy- Well, I actually don’t know you that much BUT you seem like a REALLY nice person! Thank you so much for all your comments and likes! I really enjoy reading them! Hope we can make some memories together!!! ❤
  • Moonshine Zodiac– You are extremely sweet and funny! I just love your posts and your blog! Whenever you comment, I get super excited since your one of my best friends, and I adore you and of course- idolize you. Thanks so much for being so nice and all! ❤ ya! 

17 thoughts on “© TBH ©

  1. мιѕѕρσρ149 says:

    Sorry, this comment is so late xD I was looking at all the pages and happened to come across this one lol
    Aww, thanks so much, my tbh is so sweet! I feel the same way about you 🙂

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