Kids In School

All Of These Pages Are Just For Fun. Please Do Not Take It Seriously. These Are Supposed To Be Funny, Not Offensive. 

1. The Know-It-All

This kid is usually the most annoying part of the class. You know there is a difference between Smarty Pants and a Know-It-All. A Know-It-All always HAS to correct somebody for the littlest thing. These people even correct the teachers at some point of the school year. And that leads to more education. XD

2. The Queen-Bee

This ‘kid’ acts like an adult. It’s 99% of the time a girl. She dresses up like it’s her wedding EVERY-DAY. I have a kid like this at my school and whenever we’re having a test she HAS to wear high-heels and she HAS to go click-click-click-click. They usually make you feel made bad for wearing sweatpants.

3. The Love Fall-Inator

This kid is almost always in what she calls “love”. She has a break-up almost every day, but still doesn’t learn he listen. She makes the school her own personal Dating Office. And every time she has a break-up she comes and complains to you. And you give her the same simple advice:

‘Stop getting into relationships then!’.

But, of course, she wastes your time by not listening and getting into a relationship. And of course she has never heard the song ‘We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together’ by Taylor Swift.

4. The Swearing School

This kid( or sometimes kids ) swears in every single sentence and thinks it’s super cool. These are usually the popular kids but not always. And I don’t know about you, but in my school they are always boys.

5. The Late Dude/Duddette

The late dude. He is such a classic. He is always late and tries to sneak into class while the teacher is writing something on the board. But in my class it’s a girl.. And she literally tip-toes into class so she won’t get marked tardy.

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11 thoughts on “Kids In School

      • cindy_lee_9 says:

        Well, everyone gets a plate and cup to eat with, and we have pots and pans and knives and cutting boards and bowls XD
        I almost feel sad for the late dude

      • Mango025 says:

        Lol then that must be pretty bad for him! Hey and can you ask me a question on because I need to show you a picture…

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